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Quake Pro League - LUCCA 2019 - Reportage Part 3

Sunday ment another early alarm for players and whole crew as 9:00 was starting time of Day 2 that appointed new name to be engraved into The Belt.

Ro12 were underway and BY Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky took out his opponent in quite quick 2:0 and UA Dmytro "Xron" Shakharuk was forced to leave the tournament while cYpher could prepare for Bo5 Quarterfinals with US Shane "rapha" Hendrixon that dominated online part of Americas Stage 1 Quake Pro League.

Second match was performed by US Tim "DaHanG" Forgarty and PL Maciej "Av3k" Krzykowski and it took us all the way thru to 3rd map where DaHanG was better player and HU Adrián "RAISY" Birgány was destined to face him.

Best game of Ro12 was yet to come tho, and it was played by BR Fillipe "nosfa" Barbosa and his american coleague from Quake Pro League, US Moses "psygib" Salas.

After quite a decisive Ruins of Sarnath and Awoken that went one to each side 3rd map, The Molten Falls, was loaded on the server and nerve wrecking battle of Sorlag and Stroggwhere started. Nosfa was most of the time on backfoot and every time he added frag to his side of scoreboard, he ended up in shape that stopped him from next push. 

Map and winner was decided deep into overtime and Moses fought his way to semifinals, where his opponent was no other than RU Anton "coollerz" Singov.

Last Ro12 game was IT Marco "vengeurR" Ragusa vs RU Alexander "baSe" Rybin and we ware watchich this game at Backstage with "Slavic Gang" all the happenings and fact that Italian audience shouted on every frag of Marko spoiled a bit our viewing experience, but it was also hilarious to know that something just happend and alot of jokes were runing into this direction.

After extremely close battle on Awoken, where baSe took early lead and vengeurR worked real hard to equal the game we find out ourselves in 18 seconds before timelimit where Marco got no space to hold back and on the edge of risk tight the match.

While fans went crazy both online and in the Church of San Romano game stabilized and it took another 4 minutes at this map to be decided and you should watch this game, as it was one of best maps of whole event. VengeurR did not let a chance to baSe on other two maps and advanced to Quarterfinals to fight against DE Marcel "k1llsen" Paul.

Quarterfinals Bo5s started right after and it was first time we could see best players from Online Stage of Quake Pro League.

US Shane "rapha" Hendrixon practiced quite a lot during first two days and he was about to face TOP Challenger of EU/CIS region, BY Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky.

This match to watch started with close and great Blood Covenant, where cYpheR managed to avoid many deaths and rapha`s mistake by pillars 30 seconds before timelimit opened window of oportunity for Belarusian to tie the game and with visible relief turned map to victory about minute into overtime. 

Corrupted Keep was crazy as well. Within first minute rapha scored a frag, suicided himself and than died to set score 1:0 in favour of cYpheR. Frags started to turn there and back as it took bit more time to Alexei to establish dominance and 3 frag lead. Rapha managed to turn the tide 3 minutes before timelimit and started desperate chase that tight game for a bit to start another frag exchange stopping the roulette on cYpheR`s number. 

Rapha later dominated the Motlen Falls and cypher owned on Awoken to push himself to Semifinals.

HU Adrián "RAISY" Birgány arrived on stage with poker face he kept during whole Quarterfinal game against his american opponent that lost his chance to wait for opponent on Week 10, US Tim "DaHanG" Forgarty.

DaHanG had therefore time to practise both at backstage as well as in his two previous stage games.
I could not recall to see RAISY at venue with exception of short visit on Saturday and Sunday. It might have helped him to compose his stamina and attitude towards games to come.

Corrupted Keep started this game and it was full of fireworks going both sides and guys managed to fit 27 frags into 10 minutes of this map. Blood Covenant and Vale of Pnath were dominated by Hungarian player and he could join cYpheR in semifinals.

During whole Saturday and Sunday RU Anton "coollerz" Singov kept absolute calm, he hanged out with "Slavic Gang" and my questions about him being family man was not the one that would pull him out of concentration. Which was not my intention at all in first place. He looked sharp and dedicated to his goal.

His opponent was last member of Quake Pro League from Americas and man, who needed to win 2 matches to get to current position on Saturday, US Moses "psygib" Salas. Personality of Moses seems to be calm and chilled, and nobody is actually sure what is he chewing during his matches.

Psygib started pretty well as he won on Corrupted Keep by a mile that cheered #TeamAmericas that hang out in Cattering Area during most of Sunday schedule. Unfortunately for all mentioned above had to face bitter reality, when Anton took second breath and owned his opponent on Blood Covenant, Awoken and Blood Run to nominate himself to semifinals waiting for opponent that should be selected in last Quarterfinals.

That game was closes one of all as IT Marco "vengeurR" Ragusa wanted to show the best in front of home fanbase and DE Marcel "k1llsen" Paul did not played single match on stage yet.

Match started on Blood Covenant and it was "slow one" regarding frags, VengeurR took early lead and k1llsen worked hard to turn whole game over at half-time. VengeurR played great defensive game with tri-bolt and rocket launcher and withstand the oppression of Marcel. And managed to swing state of battle to his side and took control over major items. Even immense preassure build by k1llsen was not enough to stop Marco from picking first map.

K1llsen dominated Awoken and Blood Run, where he left no space in the Arenas for his Italian opponent and we found ourselves at The Molten Falls that presented close and tough battle that bringed first frag after whole 3 minutes. VengeurR was able to add one more frag in quite quick succession and game slowed down for a bit. k1llsen ambushed vengeurR at mega to add his first frag on the board and quickly equaled the game after VengeurR`s respawn. One minute before timelimit went VengeurR really aggresive against his opponent and k1llsen killed himself and his attempt to fix that mistake lead to another frag for young Itallian player.

Both players picked champions for last map "out of nessesity" and were joing befor game itself, that it would be crazy to see theirs picks on Corrupted Keep. Little they known, that they will have to use theirs DK and Keel on last map.

First semifinal brought together BY Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky and winner from last year LUCCA tournament , HU Adrián "RAISY" Birgány.

We were watching great battle, but Hungarian player was overall better and performed 3:0 sweap to advance to finals of tournament and await his opponent.


Second semifinal was hyped as hell, as DE Marcel "k1llsen" Paul managed to dominat his opponent, RU Anton "coollerz" Singov every single time since QuakeCon.


According to Marcel that I talked to before the game, he should be able to win and continue his way defending his title and keep just his name on the belt. 

Anton looked ready as never before and he stepped into amazing game that you should all watch if you did not yet.

Undeniable dominance of Anton started right from the beginning when k1llsen missed first rotation of items and coollerz did not let much space to his opponent. 

This very same theme was acompanied us during Corrupted Keep as well. Anton took early lead and every try of German player was answered pretty much same way. Anton managed resources on Corrupted Keep in great fashion and ond the edge of death, but in the end start to snowball frags and took second map for himself as well.

Awoken was closest gme between both players. Coollerz using DOOM against SORLAG of k1llsen bringed up great viewing experience to fans in the Church of San Romano as vell as almost 10 000 viewers on stream. Map started better for k1llsen and he build up sizable lead by 3 minutes into map. Anton get himself into the game shortly and withich another 3 minutes tied the game and took control over whole map. Marcel then turned to hyperaggression but coollerz managed to hold his ground and add more frags to his side of scoreboard.

Finals between RU Anton "coollerz" Singov and HU Adrián "RAISY" Birgány started right away and it was yet another game to watch.

All plyers of QPL was hyped to see if Anton can make it to the top after a long long time, IT VengeurR was hoping for his team mate RAISY to suceeded and in auditorium, EE cnz with RU baSe looked composed and pleased by performance of theirs friend.

First map of finals was played at Awoken and it was craziest match of all presenting STROGG and NYX.

Coollerz took lead entering first map but ringout at banana gived opportunity to RAISY to elevate the push. Coollerz managed to hold his lead in amazing fashion and denied frags out of his opponent as much as was humanly possible.

When situation was dire and RAISY was in control of whole level when score was tied just a minute before timelimit Coollerz perforemed #MoveOfTheYear with his peaker and after #NailgunMayham grabed first map.

We are all aware of skills Coollerz can show us on Corrupted Keep, but it is also strong map for RAISY, as it used to be called RAISY`s KEEP in a past. With that in mind, we started to watch crazzy happenings on the main screen on stage and as frags were flying all directions hype in crowd was rising. After first third Coollerz somehow managed to create gap and put himeslf into lead and Adrián was forced to play on the edge of risk in attempt to equal the score. Coollerz later returned to position of control of major items and continued building his frag advantage.

Blood Covenant started in dominant fashion for Coollerz, in half-time he was in the lead 5:0 and worked with all resurces visely. RAISY put himself on scoreboard with just 200 seconds to go and started his chase.

Coollerz switched from control to positioning game and left all resources to RAISY that managed to close the gap - but all fights ended in blood and RAISY needed to resupply before next push. RAISY managed to close the gap to one frag with just 35 seconds but even tho he hits some great rails, he was not able to prolong whole finals.

Congratulations, GGs and See you all in PL Katowice!

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+8pts psygib
+8pts rapha

+4pts Br1ck
+4pts dramiS

+2pts sib
+2pts Effortless

+0pts nosfa
+0pts DaHanG
+8pts GaRpY
+8pts Coollerz
+8pts RAISY

+4pts k1llsen

+2pts vengeurR

+0pts Spart1e
+0pts Xron
+0pts baSe
+8pts Effortless
+8pts psygib

+4pts nosfa
+4pts rapha

+2pts whaz
+2pts cha1n

+0pts Br1ck
+0pts sib
+8pts Spart1e

+4pts GaRpY
+4pts RAISY
+4pts toxjq

+2pts Xron
+2pts Coollerz
+2pts vengeurR

+0pts Av3k
Single Elimination, Bo3
Single Elimination, Bo3

+8pts nosfa
+8pts DaHanG

+4pts dramiS
+4pts cha1n

+2pts Br1ck
+2pts psygib

+0pts Effortless
+0pts whaz
+4pts Av3k
+4pts toxjq
+4pts K1llsen
+4pts vengeurR

+2pts GaRpY
+2pts Xron
+2pts baSe
+2pts Coollerz
Single Elimination, Bo3
Single Elimination, Bo3