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Quake Pro League - LUCCA 2019 - Reportage Part 2

On Saturday, everybody involved into #QuakeProLeague woke up early, as first matches supposed to start at 9:00 with four RELEGATION MATCHES.

It was wise choise for me to get up early, because traffic jam in Lucca on Friday was crazy. Arriving early allowed me to find good parking spot for my "Eisen`s Turret size" car and I arrived just in time to witness Presentation of a Belt, bringed up on stage by deffending champion of QuakeCon, DE Marcel "k1llsen" Paul.

So the Marathon started!

Most of the players were preparing in the backstage, where 12 PC were ready to warmup and practise. Italian crew was coordinating players on their way to stage and both Italian and Global casters were ready at thers studios prepared to went LIVE.

In retrospective it was kind of funny to hear "I want to see all 5 maps!" out of FortyLions hyped for whole tournament that just started. We saw 17 out of possible 20 maps in Relegation matches and as official schedule was presented as #OptimisticVariant, we was easily 2 hours behind while entering Row of 16.

Delay in schedule was kind of logical and mostly filled by playtime, as everything was running smooth as silk on the stage ...

... until UA Dmytro "Xron" Shakharuk showed himself and broke first PC by his excessive use of nVidia Panels that lead to first big gap in broadcast as PC was later fully exchanged for one out of backstage.

That delay was one of factors that might costed US Justin "Effortless" Yergau his match while loosing 0:2 to Ukrainian shooter.

First game of tournament was played between TOP EU/CIS Challenger BY Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky and UK Gereth "GaRpY" Marshall.

It was tough and close battle for both players and in the end belarusian player was able to complete reverse sweep and secure his postition in Quake Pro League in Stage 2.

Even tho cYpheR was kind of reserved in his post-match speech at stage, he managed to crawl thru bracket and after quick sweep against SE Johna "toxjq" Quick he advanced to DAY 2 of Quake Pro League Finals in Lucca.

Second relegation game presented BEST AMERICAS challenger, CA Cameron "GNiK" Touchette facing member of Quake Pro League, US Branden "br1ck" Gwyn.

Even tho I favoured GNiK to take victory in this one, we were witnessing pretty intense battle and especially Molten Falls and Vale of Pnath turned auditorium into boiling pot.

GNiK made great impression on first LAN for this young canadian player and maps that he won were all quite one sided.

GNiK was pumped enough to took Corrupted Keep out of US Tim "DaHanG" Forgarty in Ro16, but that was sadly it for him in this tournament. In the end, Iam happy to see this Canadian player in Stage 2 of Quake Pro League.

We asked Br1ck to take one of many shifts where main goal was to take care of Xron in order to save more PCs for the rest of QPL.

While security of tournament was achieved with huge assitance of other players of Quake Pro League, we could continue with more matches without any worries.

It was pleasure for me to meet and chat a bit with CA Greg "cha1n" Bouevitch that was one of my guests in Half-Time Chat and that was preparing for his first game of tournament against PL Maciej "Av3k" Krzykowski, that was the only player that arrived to Lucca by car as personal isses turned Prince to King of Highway driving 16 hours to Italy to be part of Quake Pro League.

Jokes trying to cheer him up before his game suggesting that after loosing his ID "he" just founded new soon-to-be-broke startup company in Poland; his house have currently new residents as well as he is in fact driving car that belongs to somebody else did not fall on fertile ground as stakes for him were quite high and he wanted to play more than one game in Lucca.

To make situation for polish master even more challenging,
Av3k took his shift on stage making sure to secure more PCs from Chonya.


In the end Av3k won his first game
to face DaHanG on Sunday. 

Another great chat I had was with BR Fillipe "nosfa" Barbosa, holding Quake flag high in Brasil and also tourist of the year, US Kyle "dramiS" Simard.

Stories of both players are quite interesting as nosfa decided to play game, that is not that popular in his country, as most of players tend to play team games and I`m hoping that tireless work of Black Hawks Clan will educate more Brazilian players that we could see in future of Quake.

DramiS on the other hand stood in front of tough decision as his employer does not understand need of Kyle to fly across half of Globe to Italy for Quake Pro League and he had to quit his job to be part of this tournament. Respect bro.

Both players showed great game and sportsmanship and I was humbled to spend some time with them in Lucca.


Next up on the stage was US Moses "psygib" Salas and US Michael "dooi" Dewey. Dooi fight his way out of Americas Challengers into Stage 2 of Quake Pro League after quick 3:0 sweep in his relegation match against US Paul "sib" titkov.

Psygib started better in Ro16 match but dooi did not wanted to give his chances up and tight the socore to face his opponent at Vale of Pnath that was amazing close and funny battle of Eisen and Scalebearer that ended up better for Moses advancing to Day 2 of the Tournament.

At Backstage, Cypher was on his shift defending PCs from eX-RON

Last RELEGATION MATCH was presented by EU/CIS Challenger, EE Kirrill "cnz" Golubjov and Quake Pro League Stage 1 member, SE Sebastian "Spart1e" Siira.

Both players were practising right from the morning with cnz spending his ingame time day before as well and taking council from "Slavic Gang" within EU community.

Spart1e shared with me that he felt kind of bad about whole game, as his gear was lost during transportation and he had to use borrowed gear for his game.

I was expecting toughest battle out of all relegation matches in this case and even tho Spart1e managed to dominate on Blood Covenant, rest of Map pool was after close games taken by Estonian player that secured his postition in Stage 2 and advanced straight to match against "homie" IT Marco "vengeurR" Ragusa.

VengeurR was on his home ground even tho he travelled from Sicilia and all of personel and fans were ready to support Kid Bellisimo in his first fight.

Marco did not let anything to a chance and won 2:0 in great game and advanced to DAY 2. His opponent was decided in next match that supposed to be last of the day according to the official schedule.

Speculations were running around that in affraid of tight schedule it is possible that even first game of Ro12 should be played that night, but as it was exactly #FuckingLate everybody was kind of happy to leave Church of San Romano shortly after 21:00 and more than 12 hours of action of Day 1. 

On this place I need to repeat myself with one more and BIG THANK YOU to IT Maurizio that saved my life that day by taking me to cattering and allowed me to taste Italian Event Cusine.

You know how things sometimes go at events and how you forget to take proper care about yourself ;-)

Sometimes even smallest and simplest step of showing hospitality of kindness is all you need to feel welcome and obliged to perform even better. Call me emotional, but even now that approach touches me by my heart and I wish more people on various positions would act like this. I was present on dozens events worldwide, both as a simple fan where I had nothing negotiated and I was hoping to catch players outside restricted area, as a player, team manager, press or exhibitor as a member of Team Razer.

And no organisator took better care about me than boys of ESL Italia.
You are best!

You can dry your tears now :)) and lets look on last match of Saturday and finish of Saturday`s Night Fever

Both RU Alexander "baSe" Rybin and US Gaven "whaz" Sorenson proved huge endurance to wait all day to play this match.

For one of them it was first and last game of the tournament and as the hour was late, even casters and rest of crowd was hyped to see some great action. It was delivered and BaSe managed to secure victory on Awoken and Blood Run and destined to face Marco on Sunday.

Ksron was meanwhile escorted
out of Church to make sure of absolute PC security in the venue


Please feel free to use these photos according to your will. I can provide you RAW version of each photo.
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+8pts psygib
+8pts rapha

+4pts Br1ck
+4pts dramiS

+2pts sib
+2pts Effortless

+0pts nosfa
+0pts DaHanG
+8pts GaRpY
+8pts Coollerz
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+8pts Effortless
+8pts psygib

+4pts nosfa
+4pts rapha

+2pts whaz
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+0pts Br1ck
+0pts sib
+8pts Spart1e

+4pts GaRpY
+4pts RAISY
+4pts toxjq

+2pts Xron
+2pts Coollerz
+2pts vengeurR

+0pts Av3k
Single Elimination, Bo3
Single Elimination, Bo3

+8pts nosfa
+8pts DaHanG

+4pts dramiS
+4pts cha1n

+2pts Br1ck
+2pts psygib

+0pts Effortless
+0pts whaz
+4pts Av3k
+4pts toxjq
+4pts K1llsen
+4pts vengeurR

+2pts GaRpY
+2pts Xron
+2pts baSe
+2pts Coollerz
Single Elimination, Bo3
Single Elimination, Bo3