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   IT Marco Ragusa - Myztro Gaming  
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  QPL: WEEK 1 vs SE toxjq, WEEK 2 vs UK GaRpY, WEEK 3 vs DE k1llsen, WEEK 4 vs RU baSe

BIO: Straight outta Italy, Kid Bellissimo VengeurR is the youngest player in the entire Quake Pro League. He’s advanced to the professional Quake scene quicker than anybody in the previous years. Fueled by big match moments, VenguerR is the embodiment of clutch. Watching through his recorded matches are a nonstop sequence of highlights and implausible frags. Watch for unexpectedly over the top aggressive pushes that only this confident young killer can pull off.

   - Official Bethesda Site  
  Interview by Shazzik   

Italian school of Quake is historically quite succesfull. Despite your young age, you are now flagship of Italian Quake. Do you see some of your predecesors as your paragon (role model)? How did you get to Quake?


Well, obviously I have a heavy weight to carry everytime you see my Italian flag, the likes of IT stermy, IT v1cious, IT booms, IT polter, IT cocis.

We are talking about legends that were at the top level many years ago, I wouldn’t paragon myself as anyone tho, i think everyone has his own path and should follow his own steps, but of course i’m a good friend and i talk with all the guys i mentioned above.

So basically i was playing an FPS called Serious Sam HD when i was around 12, 13 years old, and in a really short time i became really good, and then with some of my friends we discovered Quake Live and we simply switched there :)

NOTE: Quake Italy Discord


You are actually the only one who took points from DE k1llsen, are you looking forwar to your rematch on Saturday?

NOTEQuake Pro League - EU/CIS - Week 6 - Preview


Yes, obviously i’m looking forward to Saturday, i feel like this match is even more important cause i’m fighting hard for the top4 spot in the global ranking and the only way i can manage to achieve that is to keep winning.

VODvengeurR vs k1llsen


What does it take to beat DE k1llsen and other top class players?

NOTE: Half-Time Chat with k1llsen


It’s really hard to explain in a few words but i would say confidence and staying calm are the key factors, the amount of work it takes to even get there and then to compete with such players it’s really something that drowns u mentally, so you need to be stronger than that and realize that if you are there, you deserve to be there and you have the chances of winning, no matter who you are going against.


You are extremely deadly with Rocket Launcher, do you consider it to be your favourite Weapon? How it is that you are so deadly with RL?

NOTE: VengeurR won „Minced Meat“ AWARD on WEEK 1, WEEK 2 and WEEK 4. During his matches he delivered 18 642 DMG with RL


I think it’s the most fun weapon to use cause of how much prediction it takes to be actually effective, i love to play in a flashy playstyle so i use rockets mostly based on reactions and prediction, i rarely go for simple abc rockets plays, instead i try to surprise the enemy when he doesnt expect me to do such stuff.


You never lost on Awoken and Sorlag seems to be favourite pick for that Arena. Most players choose DOOM to traverse the verticality on T, Rail and RL. Why Sorlag?

NOTE: VengeurR played Awoken every single week and picked it by himself 3 times: Player Profile


I just think that Sorlag is really good cause the map is relatively small, she is really fast and everytime u die u can afford to rush again cause of the immense stack at the spawn (125/100), it’s risky to play and you need to be careful about rails which in this map can be a turning point.

NOTE: SORLAG was summoned to play Awoken 7 times and won 4 matches. Champions Arena Performance


What do you like so much on this map and are there any „special tactics“ you would advice to newbies?

Does new respawns on Awoken change game on this map alot?

NOTE: Respawns on Awoken was changed in Quake Champions Hotfix due to extreme respawns streaks


I just love how smooth you can be around the map, and how many angles are there to hit a shot expecially with rail, it’s really important to mix aggressive and defensive to get the best out of it.

Any advice? Any special tactics? not really, just play and have fun, which is the best thing to do when you are playing a game :)

Yes and not, the most important change is the nailgun to lg spawnkill which now is not possible to do anymore, but more than that the map feels pretty much the same.


Any thaugths on US rapha`s taking Athena to this map?

NOTEQuake Pro League - AMERICAS - Week 6 - Preview, More on Athena in Half-Time Chat with CA cha1n


I find it really interesting, i just think he likes the way he can grapple around and take position in a really fast way.


You are one of few players who take a look back on your games and do public reviews of them – besides opening „secret knowledge“ to fans, does it also help you to find time for review matches, and do you do it regullary? Would you advise that to all players (no matter of sklil level)?

NOTE: Review vengeurR vs baSe, Review vengeurR vs k1llsen


I mostly do it offline, and i spend a lot of time reviewing vods of me and of my enemies, i just like to do it cause it makes me think what mistakes i’m doing and how to fix them, and then i can also see what other players are doing in ’x’ situations, i’m also happy sometimes to do it when i’m streaming so people can see how important are even things that you wouldn’t even notice if not looking back at the vod.

Yea, it’s probably one of the most important things to do in order to improve your gameplay, watch your vods and spot ur mistakes! next time you gonna be a better player :-)


Recently, you offered your services as coach. Which is rare thing to see offering your knowledge to pub. Do you think more players should be more open about their knowledge regarding Quake?

What would you advice to old men (me) running in the arena enjoying amazing speed of a game and forgeting item timings during this process? ;-)

NOTE: vengeurR coaching offer, Example of coaching with UK Deep6


Well, i just think it’s nice to help new people out, it helps you to improve as a coach and the way u analyze stuff and you also give your hand to new players which wants to improve, would be cool to see other people do it but it requires a lot of time and effort so i understand if not so many people are doing that.

Haha, well as much as i love also running around the map timing is essential if you want to win :-) so just count ! 30+30=easy


Thank you very much for your time on this interview and good luck in upcoming #TotalAnnihilation weekend.

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Single Elimination, Bo3
Single Elimination, Bo3

+8pts nosfa
+8pts DaHanG

+4pts dramiS
+4pts cha1n

+2pts Br1ck
+2pts psygib

+0pts Effortless
+0pts whaz
+4pts Av3k
+4pts toxjq
+4pts K1llsen
+4pts vengeurR

+2pts GaRpY
+2pts Xron
+2pts baSe
+2pts Coollerz
Single Elimination, Bo3
Single Elimination, Bo3
+8pts cha1n
+8pts rapha

+4pts sib
+4pts DaHanG

+2pts Effortless
+2pts Br1ck

+0pts dramiS
+0pts whaz
+8pts toxjq

+4pts Spart1e
+4pts baSe
+4pts K1llsen

+2pts GaRpY
+2pts Xron
+2pts RAISY
+0pts Av3k
+8pts psygib
+8pts whaz

+4pts nosfa
+4pts rapha

+2pts dramiS
+2pts DaHanG

+0pts sib
+0pts cha1n
Single Elimination, Bo3