Welcome to Czech Quake


We are happy to anounce HELPING HANDS Award, for BEST ACTION of the Week!

This Award will be decided by YOU, fans of Quake Champions and we would like to ask you to send links of your clips from WEEK 1 to our Twitter.

Ask your friends to support your contribution and spread the word. You are free to submit one contribution per week and every contributor will be added to draw that will be decided after all 10 weeks are completed.

We are starting on Tuesday, and best action of the week and Winner of Helping Hands Award will be announced on Sunday as well as all contributors of that week.

We partnered up with Razer and we are going to give away Razer Gigantus, Razer Viper and Razer Huntsman to three lucky winners.

First Week of Quake #ChallengersLeague was played on Saturday, and first QUAD of players qualified to Finals are known.

To our surprise UK GaRpY was stopped during first Challenger in Quarterfinals and two finalist from EU/CIS Region are RU Nitrino and LV bukster. 


Americas was dominated by duo of Australian players, that took all challengers by surprise and even US sib need to come back for another attempt as he ended in Semifinals.

First pair of finalist for Americas Region are AU DanDaKing and AU steej.

We are proud to introduce to you CLANRING.

CLANRING is reminiscence of old times, where every team and player that was part of Czech and Slovakian Quake Community got his own page with information about his person.

Every CLAN was equipped by special icon that ment, they were part of CLANRING and that they are allowed to compete in tournaments. CLANRING was first esports association in Czech dating back to 1997.

We are far from full functionality that we have in mind, but because Quake Pro League is starting STAGE 2, we decided to open CLANRING.


There were some excessive changes in Layout and Assets used in website,
please use SHIFT+F5 to be sure of displaying all informations correctly.


So far, we are working with datas, that were collected during STAGE 1, and we are working hard to complete and add ALL information available from Quake Pro League. Quake Pro League is now test model for what we would like to achive in future.

PLAYERS - Every player in STAGE 2 have its dedicated page, with overall achivements and Road Map of Matches, that he is about to face in STAGE 2.

MATCHES - now shows ALL games, that are about to be played in STAGE 2, and informations about Performances of player in each arena and order of matches are updated, as announced by Official @Quake authorities.

RESULTS - Will be updated, after each week is played and we collect necessary DATAS.

ARENAS - Displays porformance of Champions and its results, as well as OVERALL damage done in each Arena. Now in preparation is FILTER that will show you information about EACH PLAYER on selected Arena. 

STANDINGS - Contain performance of players in STAGE 2 and BYE WEEKS

TABLES - Are another view on STANDINGS DATA and also displays Quake #ChallengersLeague Standings.

We are now preparing CHAMPIONS module, that will display all info connected to Champions, theirs interactions, overall usage in Quake Pro League and winrates. Dont worry, HALL OF FAME will be back as well.

+16pts cnz
+16pts RAISY
+16pts DaHanG
+16pts vengeurR
+16pts K1llsen
+16pts rapha

+8pts cha1n
+8pts dramiS

+4pts nosfa
+4pts psygib

+0pts baSe
+0pts Av3k
+0pts Effortless
+0pts Xron
+0pts cYpheR
+0pts dooi

Single Elimination, Bo3
AU DanDaKing
AU steej

US sib
CA Duefist
CA cbxzombie
US bootsss
Single Elimination, Bo3
RU Nitrino
LV bukster

UK Deep6
RU strongest_
RU pdemon
RU klybi4
DK enesy
+8pts psygib
+8pts rapha

+4pts Br1ck
+4pts dramiS

+2pts sib
+2pts Effortless

+0pts nosfa
+0pts DaHanG
+8pts GaRpY
+8pts Coollerz
+8pts RAISY

+4pts k1llsen

+2pts vengeurR

+0pts Spart1e
+0pts Xron
+0pts baSe
+8pts Effortless
+8pts psygib

+4pts nosfa
+4pts rapha

+2pts whaz
+2pts cha1n

+0pts Br1ck
+0pts sib
+8pts Spart1e

+4pts GaRpY
+4pts RAISY
+4pts toxjq

+2pts Xron
+2pts Coollerz
+2pts vengeurR

+0pts Av3k
Single Elimination, Bo3
Single Elimination, Bo3

+8pts nosfa
+8pts DaHanG

+4pts dramiS
+4pts cha1n

+2pts Br1ck
+2pts psygib

+0pts Effortless
+0pts whaz