Welcome to Czech Quake

Black Hundered, also known as Black Sotnya, or b100 for short is Russian team of old times with great achievements and his very own RU Alexander "baSe" Rybin shooting high level at #QuakeProLeague.

b100 are back for a while and now they announced tournament, that has no equivalent in recent history of Quake Champions.

Black Hundered set its goal to find new players that have might have chance to compete in global competitions on high level, but are usually shadowed by top contenders.

FIRST CUP will be played on 22/11/2019 @ 16:00


Considering level of players, b100 is aiming at, we have generous Prize Money policy, as each tournament have $200 + $100 subsidy. Extra $100 will be added to winner of Exhibition Match, after each Tournament. If winner will be member of b100 Team, that money will be added to pot of GRANDFINALS, in other case Challenger will grab extra Prozemoney.

There are restriction set for players, that are members of Quake Pro League and were in TOP 4 any Quake Challenger League. Each TOP 3 from previous BLACK HUNDERED CUP will be invited to GRANDFINALS, and therefore cant apply to next cup.

Find out more at b100


Quake Pro League is event, that spread interest of Quake Community. It bound top twenty players into tournament, that is played whole year and IT LUCCA was first LAN Finals of it.

This movement in community is what we need right now and seeing more and more tournaments and activity makes me real happy and hopeful for future of Quake.

I was obviously hyped to go there, as it took me just few hours to get to Lucca and my family was left with enough budget to buy diapers. While it was freezing in Czech when I was leaving the country, warm weather and sun welcomed me on Friday morning in Viareggio, small seaside city 30 minutes away from Lucca surrounded by mountains. 


Living in Lucca - and it is always the same everywhere when events are happening - was extremely overpriced and for what should be one night in hotel, one is able to rent a car with all insurances and full gas tank. I know that car might sound like strong word, but it was all you need to get 20km to Lucca and back. Especially as traffic in city was crazy, fans of Lucca Comics and Games festival parked EVERYWHERE.

I saw cars in the middle of roundabouts.

Thousands of ppl were coursing thru old city of Lucca hidden behind huge walls and I was happy to spend most of the time in the Cathedral.

Help desk of ESL Italy was hidden in back side of Church of San Romano, and stuff wanted me to go other place for accreditation, but thanks to Security guys I was able to find my way and with huge smiles and welcomes I was let inside.

That basically set mood for rest of event, because I found out how great people behind organization were and few minutes after my arrival I was approached by main boss for the event that gave me tour around the venue. 

I was glad that my experiences taught me to be prepared for the event and thanks to my connections at ESL Czech and Slovakia I had everything prepared in favor. My press pass was later tweaked to whole new level and my gratitude will last forever.

Being closed with top players and challengers in one building had its advantages, as I could talk with most of them and find out some information, that are usually impossible to have.

Most of the topics are obviously aimed to game and some technical stuff but I was real happy to speak with IT Polterizer and chance topic to business, family and life in general. Something that I was not able to do with everybody there.

You are the boss, bro.

You also find out how players are thinking about game itself and one of funniest discussions involved DOOM and his BERSERK when I was trying to encourage VengeuR and "Slavic Gang" to use it more often for relocation after kill.

After some information about lack of sound, high risk and other examples RAISY went full YOLO against DaHanG at Vale of Pnath in game that was just live on stage and got slayed by Triple Gauntlet to your Face, bro!, which just gave more power and laughs to hands of pros.

Sometimes universe give you answers right away.

I was spending half of Sunday in Catering area, as I found out that overall chemistry and mood in #TeamAmerica is quite different to #TeamEU, that is divided to groups. There I learned about Mojo, and his troubles... But let me start with #TeamEU.

Within #TeamEU, most dominant is "Slavic Gang" which - according to my country of origin - I should be part of, but as my Russian skillz are non existent I tend to disturb that luxury of players speak in "family language." Funny thing is that I understand most of the converastion, as Czech language is pretty close to Russian. I also know RU coollerz, PL Av3k and BY cYpheR for long long time, so I wanted to spend time with them. EE cnz as well as UA Xron was like at home with guys and because RU baSe - to my understanding - does not speak English, there was no other option rather than hang out with his friends.

I was curious about reinstallating of b100, which was legendary Russian team founded in 1998 and since all the conversation needed to be translated by cnz, there was sadly not much to dig out about BlackSotnya.

To my surprise, CA cha1n joined "Slavic Gang" on Sunday and started to chat with guys, in fluent Russian, so there must be eventually way how to learn that language. #NewYearsResolution

HU RAISY was mostly not present to the venue and when he was, he spend most of the time with "Myztro Bois" which was another great group to spend time with. Manager of team, Nigel is great person and because of my experiences leading esports team in a past, I was wondering about Team Myztro and how things are going from inside.

Lead character among players is UK GaRpY, that is like dad to other guys and whole team worked perfectly as a group.

To my surprise, SE Toxjq was mostly spending time at PC and I do not recall him being part of any group, or spend some extensive time with anybody. Same goes with SE Spart1e that was present on Saturday and did not arrived at all on Sunday. 

IT VengeurR was at home and most of the time surrounded by "homies" and Myztro. He was also sharing some time with "Slavic Gang"

DE K1llsen tried to practice, but he was mostly "running" here and there, killing some time before his matches supposed to be played.

I had several discussions with him and out of European players he was the one, who I could talk the most. He seemed confident before most of the matches, and even tho I was wondering about his semifinal against coollerz, I believe he did not deserved such result.

Mojo Situation

#TeamAmerica is basically one big horde, that stick together, and they claimed Catering Area as their domain for most of Sunday. All Americas players were out of tournament and everybody was chilled, smiling and enjoying games on streams. I was honest to chat with guys and even tho i saw merked at Spy on several occations, I did not broke my cover :-P

Huge advntage of common language eliminates all borders and guys were just having fun. 

There I learned about CA Mojo, and his trip to Lucca. After brief chat with US Effortless, I was trying to find Mojo to just say Thank You for his work on Liquidpedia. I saw it kind of sad to know, that guy who travelled across half of the Globe is not able to achive goals he set for himself, but I knew, that there are always two sides of a coin.

For me, being able to do my coverage took negotiations prior to the event with ESL, who was in charge of whole venue.

I have learned durig my work with Team Razer, that if you are guest at event, there are not that much options, you can do regarding passes or decisions about allowing somebody on various areas. We also dont know, what are rules about recording at backstage and if there are some restrictions regarding this in contracts of players. 

Im sad that I have learned about whole situation on Sunday afternoon, knowing in advance I would have try to ask ESL personal about our possibilities, because they were basically best guys you could imagine on theirs positions.

I have been in exatly same position at SE DreamHack Winter 2018, where I was just sitting in the audience and hoping to meet players in Auditorium.

Thanks to US RottenRose I got in touch with guys working there, becasue I never met UK Ketchup, BE Flee, US FortyLions, US Jehar and others prior to that event. But she encouraged me to approach them and I enjoyed what I could in Jonköping.

And even tho I spend time covering the event and doing anything for community, I did not felt that Iam in inappropriate position.

Iam no in position to judge anybody, but being part of community for ages, you learn that you dont get recognition that much often. You decided to do all the stuff just because of your passion for game and community. Because if you are missing something in the coverage or community, you are probably not the one and there is chance also other will be happy to have such informations. Problem might occur, when you are doing something by your own will and you EXPECT to be treated some way, becuase according to your OWN MIND, you have all the right to have all the things served on silver plate and be taken by a hand to every where your heart desires.

Crowning of a King

RU Anton "Coollerz" Singov was without any doubt best player in Lucca on Sunday, 2nd of November and he deserved first place and memorizing his great achievemt to The Belt, that will last for years to come.

Even more that he was part of community for almost 2 decades and waited that long for crucial achievement.

Long story shorter

LUCCA was great and it is pleasure to spend some time with players.
Iam looking forward to PL KATOWICE

+8pts psygib
+8pts rapha

+4pts Br1ck
+4pts dramiS

+2pts sib
+2pts Effortless

+0pts nosfa
+0pts DaHanG
+8pts GaRpY
+8pts Coollerz
+8pts RAISY

+4pts k1llsen

+2pts vengeurR

+0pts Spart1e
+0pts Xron
+0pts baSe
+8pts Effortless
+8pts psygib

+4pts nosfa
+4pts rapha

+2pts whaz
+2pts cha1n

+0pts Br1ck
+0pts sib
+8pts Spart1e

+4pts GaRpY
+4pts RAISY
+4pts toxjq

+2pts Xron
+2pts Coollerz
+2pts vengeurR

+0pts Av3k
Single Elimination, Bo3
Single Elimination, Bo3

+8pts nosfa
+8pts DaHanG

+4pts dramiS
+4pts cha1n

+2pts Br1ck
+2pts psygib

+0pts Effortless
+0pts whaz
+4pts Av3k
+4pts toxjq
+4pts K1llsen
+4pts vengeurR

+2pts GaRpY
+2pts Xron
+2pts baSe
+2pts Coollerz
Single Elimination, Bo3
Single Elimination, Bo3